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RevitaVet Infrared Therapy - Ankle Saver
RevitaVet Infrared Therapy - Ankle Saver For Sale!

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RevitaVet Infrared Therapy - Ankle Saver

The Ankle Saver is a flexible neoprene product that allows for hands-free treatment of the ankle or fetlock joint. The Ankle Saver is self-contained and independent, runs on three “AA” batteries and does not connect to the RevitaVet™ main system

The Ankle Saver has 42 red diodes, designed specifically to wrap the ankle. Diodes are placed over the suspensory ligament just above the sesamoids and over the medial and lateral branches that pass over the long pastern to connect to the extensor tendon. The light Stimulates the deep and superficial flexor tendons just above the sesamoids. Other areas stimulated by the Ankle Saver are the sesamoids themselves, the distal sesamoidian ligament, the medial and lateral aspects of the joint as well as the front of the joint.
Directions for Use
  1. Place the cupped part of the Ankle Saver on the back lower part of the ankle with the control box toward the outside of the horse (not between the legs). This will help protect the unit from damage.
  2. This should cover from the sesamoids down to allow the ergot and long hair around ergot to be pulled through slit if necessary.
  3. These two edges should meet, however on smaller horses they may overlay slightly, or larger ones, there may be a gap. Secure with Velcro strap, but not too tight
  4. The on and off buttons are the same, located on the control box. Press the button for 2 seconds to turn on.
  5. The indicator light is located across the "R" on the control box. The GREEN light illuminates when the unit is ON. Replace the batteries when the diodes become dim, or not as briht as under normal use. Note: The unit will operate for a while with low battery condition, but it is not advisable to run the batteries completely down as they may leak acid and cause damage to the unit.
  6. The recommended treatment time is twenty minutes, but by popular demand, the unit stays ON for thirty minutes. It is okay to treat twice a day if necessary, depending upon the severity of the injury. Protect your investment: the unit may be damaged if the horse is left unattended or allowed to walk or run around during the treatment.
Battery Replacement: unscrew the two screws located on the control box. use a small phillips head screw driver. Be careful not to strip the screws. remove the cover and install new batteries, and replace the cover.

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