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Beta Color Chart 2024
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/>Please note that our color chart is an actual scan of the colors, however EVERY computer monitor shows the colors differently, if you are not absolutely certain of the color you are ordering & would like to see a few small samples in person, send us an e-mail with your color choices. All Beta Biothane tack is considered Custom Made tack & is NON-RETURNABLE. We are always happy to assist you in sizing if necessary, be sure to contact us, if you are unsure which size your horse needs.

We manufacture top quality custom made Beta Biothane horse tack, designed with your horses comfort in mind. Other Beta Biothane manufacturers leave rough or open unfolded edges against your horse, that could potentially rub your horse! Our folds ALWAYS go AWAY from the horse so that your horse will be as comfortable as possible! Biothane tack is so incredibly easy to care for, simply dunk in a bucket or rinse off after each use to keep it looking great. It looks like leather and it lasts for years & it is super for all disciplines of riding. We use only Stainless Steel or Solid Brass hardware when ever possible, so that your tack will stay looking like new for years.

We use only the Highest Quality matte finished Beta Biothane MADE IN THE USA for our underlay, (THE UNDERLAY COLOR WILL BE THE MAIN OR UNDERNEATH COLOR OF YOUR TACK) it is designed this way for your horses comfort. Beta is a matte finished material & is very soft and supple, it looks and feels like leather & it comes in a variety of thicknesses. It will not chafe your horse & it will form to your horse with use.

(THE OVERLAY COLOR WILL BE AN ACCENT COLOR- ON TOP OF THE UNDERLAY-PLACED ON THE BROW & NOSE TYPICALLY) Traditional Biothane, which is a shiny material can be used for the overlay, or you can now choose to use the matte finish Beta as your overlay or accent color, for those wishing to add a little fun & variety to their custom tack, we have Limited Edition Design options available now instead of an overlay color.
*Please note: Limited Edition Designs, Navajo Design Patterns, and Honey Comb Glow/Reflect are NOT official Beta or Biothane products and are not associated with Bioplastics Company, Inc.

Our sizes fit a wide variety of horses, but if your horse is particularly small or large & you would like to view our measuring instructions. We are always happy to have measurements from your existing tack, to provide your horse with the best fit possible.

Please note: "Biothane® is a registered trademark of Bioplastics Company, Inc., North Ridgeville, Ohio and is used under license. All rights reserved."