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The Distance Depot supports and recommends the following organizations:

HORSE LOVERS OUTLET- We also own this web site. We list many of the same products on both web sites, but at Horse Lovers Outlet we offer a little bit of great western trail riding gear as well. We also have Horse Trailer & Truck water tanks, Tack Room Accessories, V-max Equine Heart Rate Monitors, Leather Therapy and so much more.

V-MAX® Equine Heart Rate Monitors - The most accurate and user friendly equine heart rate monitors on the market.

AERC-American Endurance Ride Conference-The official sanctioning body for endurance in the USA and Canada- The Distance Depot is proud to be an official Sponsor of the AERC!!

Equestrian Equipment Forum-

SEDRA - South Eastern Distance Riders Association-

SERA - Southeast Endurance Riders Association -

Endurance Net- The site for Endurance Riding information.

NATRC - North American Trail Ride Conference. Competitive Trail Riding Organization.
The Distance Depot is Proud to be an Official National NATRC Sponsor!!

Easy Care - Specializing in Natural Hoof Care for horses-

Horse Quencher - Rehydrate your horse & keep him hydrated for maximum performance -

Bit Go Round-Your one stop shop for trying & buying bits- Sell your bits too, Bit go round has tack & Accessories too

WWW.RUNALONGFARMS.COM- Beautiful Competitive & Endurance Arabians for Sale- Visit Doug & Julie Biegert's web site, for quality Arabians.

The Performance Shagya Registry has built a solid foundation that celebrates all achievements with the Shagya and Shagya-bred horses.

Sensible Horsemanship - Cindy McDevitt, Select Certified John Lyons Trainer

Friends of Sound Horses Gaited Sport Horse -

A one of a kind program to recognize and honor the talents and abilities of all gaited horses. FOSH Gaited Sport Horses is about appreciating the talents and accomplishments of these equine athletes and promoting the gaited horse’s ability to participate in all equine sport disciplines.

FOSH (Friends of Sound Horses)-

FOSH is the acronym for the Friends of Sound Horses. The organization is incorporated as a public benefit humane and education organization. Its purpose is to provide information to the public about the humane care, treatment and training of gaited horses, with a special emphasis on the Tennessee Walking Horse, and to promote the exhibition of the flat shod and barefoot Walking Horse at competitions designed to showcase the natural gaited pleasure walking horse. FOSH also actively supports versatility events and has its own Versatility Program.

OCER: Ozark Country Endurance Riders

UMECRA: Upper Midwest Endurance & Competitive Rides Association

Endure for the Cure -
Since its inception in 2001, this event has raised almost $180,000 for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation.

Your resource for trail riding & camping with your horse and mule.