The Distance Depot

The Distance Depot has grown into one of the
premier shops, for custom made Beta BioThane tack, endurance and trail riding equipment supplies in the nation. Manufacturing their products in the USA, remains important to the integrity of their business, as well as offering proven & innovative products, that are used by top riders in the endurance and trail riding communities. Maintaining expert customer service, and providing the fastest shipping available on all of their orders, continues to be a top priority for this company.

Kristen has been involved with horses for the majority of her lifetime, she and her family have trained and shown many different breeds of horses, in just about every discipline available.
Over the years she has worked closely with some of the best veterinarians, farriers, acupuncturists, and horsemen and women in the equine industry. Kristen has also worked with some of the worlds top endurance riders, including 3-Time World Champions Valerie & Danielle Kanavy. During her time with Gold Medal Farms, they competed at many endurance events around the nation and World Champion endurance competitions in the USA, Dubai and France.

Kristen and her husband Kent trail ride their own horses. When not working, they can also be found traveling with their Mobile tack store, to competitive and endurance rides across the country and at AERC & NATRC Conventions.

Meet the rest of our Team:

Sharon Stroup began her journey with us in October of 2015 and is our store manager. She wears many different hats around here handling the day to day operations/shipping; manufacturing of our Shear Comfort line of sheepskin covers & accessories as well as sewing all of our CustomizeIT embroidery products. Sharon has spent all of her life around horses training in multiple disciplines with various breeds. She continues today endurance riding with her Tennessee Walking horses.

Sabrina Seaboldt joined the team in August 2015 as an Equine Customer Service Specialist and also assists in manufacturing, shipping, and social media. She has been trail riding and showing horses successfully for 18 years in many different disciplines and on many different breeds. Along with her husband PJ, they have their own successful showing and training team, giving riding lessons and assist in training their student's horses. Sabrina enjoys spending her off season trail riding with family and friends.

The Distance Depot
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