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ThinLine Endurance Wax Tough Rider Saddle Pad
ThinLine Endurance Wax Tough Rider Saddle Pad For Sale

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ThinLine Endurance Wax Tough Rider Saddle Pad

The ThinLine Endurance Wax saddle pad provides more shock absorption than a 2-inch thick felt pad and eliminates pressure points and distributes rider weight. Soft and flexible, this endurance saddle pad fits neatly and comfortably against your horses’ natural confirmation.

For the horse.

A raised wither profile with a swallow topline makes this pad adaptable to the conformation of any horse – high withered or mutton withers. The flexibility of this pad molds around your horse’s shape which follows the natural curve of your horse’s back.

This thin endurance saddle pad frees up more room for narrow or snug-fitting saddles and improves the comfort for horses with saddles which are perfectly fitted. The ThinLine also ventilates, across the pad, allowing excess heat to move out from under the saddle. Most importantly is how this pad creates stability for you and your horse for long track rides.

For the rider.

The slim design puts you in closer contact with your horse. You’ll notice more mobility in your horses back which allows for proper muscle and spine support for both horse and rider. The ThinLine layer sewn onto the pad has a 95% shock absorption rate that spreads impact LATERALLY along the pad. This means that the motion you feel under you as you ride is absorbed by the ThinLine and transferred ACROSS the pad instead of UP into your spine. And this same shock absorption benefit is being enjoyed by your horse as well. With the reduced movement of your seat, your balance is easier to keep and he responds with a relaxed, soft back, and better all around movement.

Accessories: Shims

Each pad comes with a layer of ThinLine. Choose the "add on" option for the Full shims to double your ThinLine protection or customize them to create front, bridging or rear shims.

Spine length – 25.5″

Full side length – 29″
Front drop – 17.5″
Rear drop – 12.5″

Thickness – 3/4″ base pad + 3/16″ Ultra ThinLine panel

  • High-quality needled lambswool fleece-lined bottom against your horse wicks moisture and adapts to temperature change: cool in the summer and warm in winter
  • Wool felt fill, topped with a waxed cotton-based fabric that sheds water.
  • Wear leathers are made of Genuine leather.
  • Generous wither profile allows this Western therapeutic saddle pad to fit both high withered and mutton withered horses.
  • Contoured topline allowing the pad to accommodate the natural curve of the horses back.
  • Quality crafted in the USA.

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