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Sierra View Ranch I.C.E. ManeStay Nylon Clip-On
Sierra View Ranch I.C.E. ManeStay Nylon Clip-Onn for Sale!

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Sierra View Ranch I.C.E. ManeStay Nylon Clip-On

Sierra View Ranch
has announced its brand-new 2nd generation Emergency Info ManeStay Mane Clip!

Proper identification during an emergency can help reunite you with your equine companion more quickly. Designed for 3-second attachment to an equine's mane (or tail if the mane is too short or too thin), ManeStay is your go-to method of securing your critical contact information in an emergency situation. ManeStay is appropriate for use in fire, tornado, hurricane, and flood - when fences may be down and horses are loose - for shelter-in-place, and for evacuation. While microchips offer excellent permanent identification, it's also important that your equine wears visible ID. ManeStay IS that product; it's safe, secure and highly visible, and it takes just 3 seconds to attach.

ManeStay weighs 1.7 ounces, and its stainless steel compression spring delivers incredible staying power. ManeStay's high-visibility yellow color, along with placement high on the horse's body, means first responders (emergency personnel or neighbors) will immediately see that the horse is wearing identification. ManeStay's fold-out information form should be completed with an ultra fine point Sharpie® to ensure that the info is permanent as well as 100% waterproof. The form is secured with heavy-duty Velcro® closures. Overall length is 8.75 inches. In a field of evacuated horses, those with visible forms of identification will be the first to be processed and returned to their families.

Not for Everyday Use.

Keep your ManeStays with other emergency supplies in an unlocked cabinet, trunk, or trash can with lid. If you're including a food allergy, prescription info or instructions specific to one horse, be sure to identify the outside of the ManeStay with his name or initials, using a permanent marker. To ensure your emergency contact information is waterproof, please use a ball point pen or an ultra fine Sharpie®.

Please become comfortable with the attachment process right away, rather than when emergency strikes. O
nce you've completed the I.C.E. form using an ultra fine point Sharpie®, it's time to learn how to securely attach ManeStay to your equine's mane or tail.
Take a lock of hair that's approximately 10" or more from the horse's ears and pull it taut.
Pressing ManeStay's plunger with the thumb, while holding ManeStay with two fingers, place ManeStay's hook onto the hair (approximately 2-3" down from the crest of the neck), then release the plunger. The hook will retract into ManeStay, drawing the hair inside and bending the hair in the process. You will see an obvious "U" bend in the hair.
Tug on the strap to seat ManeStay in the hair. It should be very secure at this point. If it is not, you may have put too much or too little hair inside (probably too little). Repeat the process until ManeStay is securely seated in the mane (or tail).

4. If your horse's mane is too short, or too thin/sparse to make a secure attachment, please attach ManeStay to the tail as high as possible but not so as to interfere with the dock.

About ManeStay's Heat and Flame Resistance:

The I.C.E. form itself is made of a Cal-Fire rated flame resistant material. The nylon strap melts at between 419º and 430º. The polycarbonate material that makes up the body of ManeStay has an even higher melting point, and the metal parts are stainless steel.

IMPORTANT: A horse or mule's mane/tail hair will burn at lower temperatures than any of ManeStay's components, which means that ManeStay would not contribute to fueling a fire while it is still attached to the animal.

ManeStay in case of Emergency I.C.E. Manestay Nylon Clip-On
3 Second Safe, Secure Attachment
Highly Visible and Dependable
8.75" Length; Weighs 1.7 oz.
Greatly Increases Odds of Being Reunited

Designed with True Emergencies in Mind

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