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LIFEFORCE Formula Equine Supplement 11 lbs
LIFEFORCE Formula Equine Supplement 11 lbs for sale!

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LIFEFORCE Formula Equine Supplement

Alltech's LIFEFORCE Range consists of three all-natural, daily nutritional powder horse supplements that benefit horses at every stage of life. Whether they are in the early developmental stages as a foal, breeding stock, pleasure, performance working through the demands of competition, or well into retirement, there is a LIFEFORCE supplement for every horse.

What does LIFEFORCE do?
It helps ensure that the horse maintains healthy fermentation while being fed a proper diet. The result is well-balanced microflora in the gastrointestinal tract which enables horses to extract the maximum nutrients from the diet. LIFEFORCE is also essential in helping to maximize beneficial fiber-digesting bacteria in the gut, which will enable your horse to extract the maximum nutrients from all feed sources and create an ideal digestive environment. Another particular advantage is the inclusion of mycotoxin adsorbents, which are used as part of a strategy to protect horses exposed to contaminated feed.

LIFEFORCE addresses health challenges related to:
• Thriftiness and body condition
• Oxidative stress
• Digestion
• Recovery from injury and surgery
• Reproduction in mares and stallions
• Tissue and bone development in foals

What's in LIFEFORCE and how should it be fed?
The LIFEFORCE range consists of three all-natural, daily digestive powder horse supplements backed by more than 30 years of Alltech's scientifically-proven, fully traceable technologies. Driven by the science of Nutrigenomics, the study of the effects of nutrients on equine health and wellness at the gene level. Each product contains hydrolyzed yeast, organic trace minerals and organic selenium. All ingredients fully comply with competition standards, where consistency and safety are a top priority.

The LIFEFORCE FormulaTM blend is specifically designed for improving reproductive health and developing sport horses. Allows horses to get the most out of their diets.

• Helps support horse’s immune function
• Supports the reproductive system of mares and stallions
• Optimizes mare milk quality, which in turn promotes healthy growth in young foals
• Maintains well balanced microflora in both the gastrointestinal tract and the cecum, enabling your horse to extract the maximum nutrients from all feed sources
• Increases the likelihood of a successful mating and improves stallion conception rates

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